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ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock User Guide error

[ Edited ]

The following is the explanation of the correct behavior of the dock UI icon in Windows 7. The supplied User Guide with the dock needs to be corrected to properly document the operational aspects of the interface.DisplayLink is the chipset supplier for the USB 3.0 dock.




Why does the DisplayLink UI not appear in the Windows system tray?

        ID: 327 - Updated: Jun 29, 2012 - Category: Troubleshooting   


The DisplayLink UI icon is not seen in the system tray. The DisplayLink UI  icon is shown below:

System Tray


This can occur if:

    • A DisplayLink device has not been detected connected to the computer. The  icon will only appear if a DisplayLink device is connected. Please refer to this article to diagnose if your DisplayLink  device has been detected
    • If you have a product based on the DL-3000 (USB 3.0) family, the  DisplayLink UI will only appear if a DisplayLink device has been detected AND  a monitor is connected to the video output. The DL-3000 family implements  monitor detection and the DisplayLink UI will only be shown in the system  tray when a DisplayLink device and a display is detected.


Ensure the a DisplayLink device is connected to the computer and a monitor  is connected to the video output of the DisplayLink device.

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