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Paper Tape
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Wrong delivery - keep it, or send it back? Fehllieferung behalten oder zurückschicken ?

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Hello! Please feel free to answer in German. 


Last week, I bought a Thinkpad E520 at an online shop. However, I received the wrong configuration.

Instead of laptop A,


- Intel core i5 2450M
- 500 GB
- 7200 rpm
- Intel HD graphics 3000

I received B: 
- intel core i5 2450M
- 750 GB
- 5400 rpm
- AMD Radeon HD 6630m


The shop suggest that I keep the laptop I have right now (B) because Windows has already been installed and because it is more expensive than the one I ordered (A).

But they are willing to take it back and send me the laptop I ordered if that is what I prefer. What do you suggest I do?

I don't play games on my computer and I really don't need the extra GB's. I like the AMD graphics card though, but I think the faster hard drive is more important in my case.
The seller says that the difference between 5400 and 7200 rpm is hardly noticeable. Do you agree with this? Or is he just trying to get rid of me?


I am a translator so I will be using the following at the same time: several tabs in my internet browser, translation software, at least two dictionary programs (software, not online), Word documents, and possibly Spotify or some other music player. Won't I need the 7200 rpm?


It would be easier for them if I keep the laptop I received. Could I suggest to simply have a hard disk with 7200 rpm installed by a Lenovo technician? And does this fall under the warranty? 


I really need your advice, because I don't know what to do. So thanks in advance! 



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Location: Germany Hannover

Betreff: Wrong delivery - keep it, or send it back?

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Bon jour und willkommen Valerie ,

bei normaler Benutzung ist kein nennenswerter Unterschied festzustellen ...

Ich hatte auch mehrere HDD mit 7200 u/min, nur beim Verschieben von grossen Datenmengen hab ich davon etwas gemerkt. allerdings durch die 7200 Umdrehungen HDD rauschen diese etwas lauter, das ist auch zu bedenken, mir war das zu laut (war in einem kleineren Gerät eingebaut)..

Seit dem hab ich nur noch HDD mit 5400 u/min im Einsatz... allerdings als Test-HDDs oder externen Datenspeicher, da ich Anfang des Jahres auf SSD umgestiegen bin...

..preislich ist die Fehlbestückung  500GB /7200 => 750GB/5400  hast du ca 15Euro sogar gewonnen :smileyhappy: 


Wenn Du sonst mit dem Gerät zufrieden bist, würde ich das Gerät nicht zurückschicken .


A bientot .




Thinkies 2x X200s/X301 8GB 256GB SSD @ Win 7 64
Ideas Centre A520 ,Yoga 2 256GB SSD,Yoga 2 tablet @ Win 8.1