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Discuss - new site layout

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I'm seeing some criticisms of the layout of the new support site, and I appreciate the feedback.


To help us improve we need to hear what you like and why, and / or what you don't like and why.


Please share some more details so we can continue to improve it.  


General criticisms on usability, layout, clutter, etc let us know you aren't thrilled, but don't give us much to go on in terms of what you think is ideal.  Please share as many specifics as you can.    If possible, include links to other sites that do something particularly well as an example of the kind of point you are trying to make. 






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Re: Discuss - new site layout

I have 5 main criticisms of the new site:


1. It does not remember my model number input. I can live with this.


2. The content is by category and does not offer the ability to list by date to see newest drivers. I CANNOT live with this. I am dealing with client machines and I need fast access to current driver data. I cannot use a category view because it takes way too long (20 minutes or more) to find recent drivers.


I push my client to Lenovo because I can support the machines. I can no longer do that with the new site.


3. No more driver matrix. This is another necessary tool I CANNOT live without. If I know I need a particular driver, the driver matrix is the way to go.


4. The driver data in the new site is not current. When you are trying to fix an issue (Software rendering in IE9 with Flash), and IBM support on the telephone (new, in Warranty), one needs fast access to drivers. Category views are unhelpful in this environment.


5. In at least one case, 64-bit drivers are necessary but not available in the new site. I assume this will be fixed.


So I need a date ordered list of most recent drivers and I need the driver matrix. Category view does not do the job.


Finally, please do not hitch your wagon to Sofware Update. It is usually months behind any current drivers. To be cynical, do not make the support site bad to match Software Update. Make the support site better and bring Sottware Update up to snuff.


.... JDH


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Re: Discuss - new site layout

Right, as someone who buys and supports a lot of Lenovo equipment I have SERIOUS issues with this new layout...


It seems to be an attempt to emulate DELL's support site, but unlike DELL's version, the filtering doesn't work...

eg: If I choose X201>model>Type>Windows 7 and hit search it will return ALL drivers/files for every operating system and language

Unless I'm prepared to go through each and every heading, read the descriptions and manually add the files I want, I've no way to quickly and easily get the files I need - this is probably the most critical problem right now.


Also (not that its working as I say), but why do I have to go through the entire Product Selection wizard again if I want to modify my selection?


Where's the Driver Matrix? The IBM site wasn't great to navigate through either but at least you could cut through most of it by using the Matrix.


The color design is far too garish and too much of the screen is taken up with banners and links to things other than what I'm on that page for - ie: to download the driver/support files! Lucky for me I'm not actually trying this ON the X201 or I'd be driven mad with all the scrolling required


I'm guessing what's happened here is the contract with IBM expired/became too expensive and now Lenovo has to host its own files - but sorry to say, you've made a mess of it. It looks like no real thought was put into this and very little testing before it went live!


This isn't good enough for machines that are pitched at the business/enterprise market - I've rejected bids from major hardware suppliers in the past because the Support site was a distaster.. I don't have the time to be wasting hours downloading driver files so I can create a new build/update an existing one. It's telling that in over 15 years of supporting IBM/Lenovo kit I've never had to create an account with the forums but haev done so today...


My advice: If you're going to copy something, at least copy it properly. Better advice would be to pay IBM what they want to continue the hosting!



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Re: Discuss - new site layout

As noted frequently here and also at, the new site is not up to date and many of the files offered are out ot date.


I tried to use System Update 4 yesterday and it said a new version was available. It crashed trying to update itself and did not install. So I went the current site, but there is no new version of System Update -just the old one. So I re-installed the old version, but it won't run saying it needs to be updated.


I ignored System Update for years (but had it installed and running). But then I could use the date ordered site and driver matrix. Now I cannot do either.


It is really time to send this issue up the ladder and make clear to Lenovo that what the current offering is not working.


... JDH


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Re: Discuss - new site layout

I had the same issue with update 4 ,there is a new version it seems the spyware & malware software caused it to not install I shut all that down reinstalled the old version then run it and the new version 4.00.0048 installed

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Re: Discuss - new site layout

I had to do a vanilla install of a T420 today, downloaded TVSU from the new site and installed it.

After firing it up it updated itself and then worked as expected. Unfortunately I can't offer version numbers, the customer already has their T420.



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Re: Discuss - new site layout

I wound up disabling Symantec Endpoint Protection and then did get the update to install.


However, I stick to my basic point: SEP is top class product and that:


(1) Lenovo does not understand that and

(2) cannot offer the current version in their update site


means someone at the top who is in could assist is *not* paying attention.


If Lenovo wants to be Dell, let it say so, and then we can all go over there to purchase quantities of corporate computers.


... JDH


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Re: Discuss - new site layout

As others have said the driver situation is currently a mess, there are scattered different versions of software under different categories. Its become a total mind bender to put it nicely.

There are also no dates next to anything, as others have mentioned this is a disaster.

I doubt it would kill you to employ a driver matrix type site for those of us that want it whilst still keeping the consumer friendly pages you seem to desire creating - which as Ive stated above are a total headache to navigate and are horrendously out of sync.

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Re: Discuss - new site layout

I agree with Kaiser2000 in regards to the layout, but I personally have never liked Dell's support site. I have yet to be even be able to  select the correct type and model. Our past two ThinkPad models have been CTO's and these aren't even currently listed on the support site. Unfortunately, I support various ThinkPad's from T42 's through T420s,ThinkCentre's from M58 to M91p's  and being able to have quick links to the various types within my account would be something useful without the necessity of having a serial number for each. I would like the option to filter the drivers and software to the latest version in each category and based on OS.  

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Re: Discuss - new site layout

it would be good that when you look up the warranty information for the system, you wouldn't have to re-enter the model/serial number again to access the parts information for that specific system.

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