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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

Mark_Lenovo wrote:


If you are still experiencing trouble accessing the Idea drivers and information through directly, you may try accessing by the IP address directly.  Try using

It works via the IP address, thank you.

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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A



I have a Lenovo Y710, T43P, and a T410s.... I just tried to use the new Lenovo Support sight for the T43p and The T410s for some driver and software updates.. My God what a MESS this sight is... I agree with others comments... you cannot tell from the descriptions what you are looking for or going to get if you do a download...


I have tried to use the Lenovo Ideapad sight for updates ...using the smart download application and the app cannot automatically find my Y710.. and when or where can I get driver and software updates for the Ideapad Y710.  I still have a problem with many of the laptop special keys because the old drivers do not work properly in Win 7.


Your help or help from anyone here would be greatly appreciated ..... I can figure out the T43p and T40s drivers... but the Ideapad Y710 drivers for windows 7 is still a mystery after almost 2 years and waiting.....


Would love some help on the Y710 drivers and software updates For Windows 7 32 bit or Win7 64 Bit.


Thanks for your continued support of this Forum .


Robert Fazekas

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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

[ Edited ]

Hi frazekas,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is the purpose of setting up this topic to know what's in your thought for our further improvement.


Can you give me an example of the problem whereby you menttioned cannot tell from the descriptions what you are looking for or going to get if you do a download? We would love to know deeper about that.


By the way, does your Y710 come with Win 7? As far as i know, there is no support for Win 7 for machine Y710. Therefore there is no drivers uploaded. Sometimes, the vista driver works though in Win 7.

Hope this helps. :smileyhappy: Thank you!


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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

No offense Mark but the new design of the page is one of the ugliest I´ve ever seen, it lacks design quality and functionality. The bad taste and graphic dissorder may damage the good Lenovo´s image hard built until now, we wouldn´t criticize a set back if you redisegned the page!
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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A



There is a design thread, where we'd really like to collect this kind of feedback...


What will help us move forward is constructive criticism.  The current design somewhat carries elements of the old - we have heard some of the specific criticisms on functionality and are working to address them - links, driver matrixes, etc , etc.


General criticism on "design quality and functionality" and "bad taste and graphic disorder" convey that you don't like it, but don't really give us much to go on with regard to specifically what you want to see.


So, please help us out... Please post on the design thread and tell us what some of your common tasks are and from a site design standpoint, what you want to see.  Do you want more or less content on the home page?  More graphics and less text?  Different graphics?    Do you have examples of what you personally think is a well designed site and why?


We appreciate the feedback!




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Mark Hopkins
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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

Dear Mark,


Thanks for taking your time to write on my post, as I don't know where to post my insights on the support page design I will answer your questions here.


I would like to point out that I am not a web designer but a thinkpad user since 2004 and in such position I am expressing my concerns, you are the design masters, not me, and it is up to you to review your new web design policy and evaluate the results and impact on us the users.


I am aware that the use of design elements as forms, labels, colors, fonts and general layout composition is so subjective that what is nice to me probably doesn't work to you, however you have adressed in the past to the consumer's taste with extraordinary results, the Sapper's Thinkpad design concept is an example of this. Recenctly in this same blog you posted a pic of a white wall with the "Design" word in white too with a red point on the i as the only color acent and it looked wonderful, how is it that you ask to me how I would like designed your page? Aren't you ironic Marc?


As to functonality why it is so tricky to find something you need? You have hidden the items better than the Holy Grial and we users need the Indiana Jones tenacity to find the needed information. How many clicks do you have to do in order to get a download? for god's sake what is the purpose of this game? Where can we find white papers with technical , commercial and other interest information? Tutorials, reviews, press articles etc.


Please keep the page user friendly, simple, easy and modern, don't you think this design elements remind us of the middle of the 20th century graphics?



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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

Dear Mark,

Recently I have been browsing the new support page again and have found a huge quantity of high quality material, including a video library on how to fix certain problems and I must reckon this surpasses my expectations, congratulations Lenovo. Just get a more practical interface, put some sort of memory to keep registry of downloads and show drivers list sorted by issue date and we will be more happy with the actual momentum Lenovo is getting.
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W700DS question from total site-noob

What's DOS?
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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

The new site is terrible.  I cannot access the information that I need across several browsers, different PCs and various internet connections.  What is supposed to be improved?


In the meantime, the devices I own which require support are non-functional.  One assumes that built in to the cost of a piece of hardware is a little bit of cost that offsets ongoing support, such as the website.

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Re: New Support site is here - some Q & A

The "new" site is actually non-functional for support at the moment.


When I click to download drivers this page comes up with the 1000 questions eventually narrow down to the product I'm looking for drivers for, I get a pop-up dialog that has "Message from Webpage" in the title bar and says "error:"


Someone needs to fix this!

Kevin Murphy