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How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customers.

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I purchased Lenovo G450(serial number CBxxxxxxxx) laptop  two years before and now my system's warranty expired. My laptop's OS started giving problem so I called Lenovo customer care and they suggested that I need to purchase backup CDs.


I purchased  backup CDs(order number 1849097). I got the backup CDs and try to install but after trying installation for hours the OS could not installed. I called customer care and the  guy told me that the CD are corrupted so they ordered another CD set(order number 1849769).


I again try to installed second CD set  but this set was also giving problem so I again called Lenovo customer care and after spending hours on phone there was no success. The guy told me that my RAM or hard disk is having some problem. when I further asked customer care that if  it is the same OS which was previously installed on this system at the time of laptop purchase ?


Initially customer care guy told me that this is exactly same version but when I insisted that the CDs you sent are 64 bit windows and the OS which was previously  installed, at the time of purchase, on this laptop was 32 bit windows. When I pointed out version difference,  then he realize mistake. Customer care guy finally agree about this mistake and promise to send another 32 bit windows CD set.  


When I figure out the problem then I realize due to mistake of Lenovo(two times they sent wrong CD set-sent 64 bit  windows instead of 32 bit window), I wasted days in dealing with customer care and try to install OS at my laptop. Since my laptop was not working so I could not do my routine work properly.


My point is, for all this time and effort wastage, Lenovo is responsible and Lenovo has to pay compensation ( I am looking refund the amount which I paid for CDs along with the 32 bit windows  backup CDs) for my time which I spent dealing with customer care. Lenovo customer care is horrible, when I escalated this issue to senior manager, he simply  refuse to pay any kind of compensation(case id 82159 , 81154).


We  try to talk to his manager, he refuse to give his manager's contact details. When I asked about phone number where I can escalate this issue, he simple refuse to give any number or contact details of concern department, he just gave email address 


Please let me know the address of CEO for which I can send letter about my problem.


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Re: How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customer

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Hi syed3477,

Welcome to Lenovo Community!

I am truly sorry for the experience you have gone through. Two times of mistake should be rectified. It is certainly not the experience we envision our valued customers to have.

I would like to give a hand here to address your problem. Let me see what i could do.
Do you mind to send me a private message along with the info mentioned below?

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  • Phone Contact Number
  • Machine Type Model
  • Machine Serial Number
  • Email address

Thank you very much and very sorry for inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

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Paper Tape
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Re: How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customer



Thanks for replying. I sent the informarion you asked for, in a private message.




Paper Tape
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Re: How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customer



Has anything being done in response of above post ?





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Re: How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customer

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Dear sir, I am writing this mail with reference to a telephonic talk with one of your executive on a toll free number 180030707555 called at 11.17 am dated 29/04/2013 So please consider this mail. I have a complain regarding your Lenovo Laptop with the following details as under Lenovo Z570 59-306861 Notebook Sr. No. WBxxxxxxxx I have given this laptop to your service centers for 5 times for the same problem, but none of the times the problem was solved. They have replpaced the front logic panel for 3 times and 1 time they have changed my motherboard resulting in o solution yet. Also there was a worst service from your Aegis center at Platinum Plaza, Ahmedabad. The answers to the problems given by them were illogical and they just didnt saw my laptop only they just removed the panel and refitteed the same without doing anything. After changing parts for so many times in my laptop there is no solution to my problem. The problem that i am facing in laptop is of It gets automatically muted whenever it is jus slided. There has been lots of problem to me due to this problem and still i find none of your service centers capable of solving problem of my laptop, i request you to give me a new piece. Also with all the complains i have aatached copies of invoice as well as reports of the parts that have been changed uptill now , but one report is missing as it has been misplaced by me, so please consider it. so in all my laptop was opened for 5 times for changing parts resulting into no solutions. Do give me replacement of a new laptop within 15 days and else i will be forbidden to go to "consumer protection" as i have all the proofs of replacement of parts of my laptop. So now still problem is not solved so please give me mail id of CEO so that can have direct contact with him,'


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Re: How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customer

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I had given my Lenovo Tablet for a battery change on th 4th of July 2013. I was told that if the part is available within the city, it will take 3-4 working days for it to be replaced and if not, it will be called from outside the city which should take not more than a week.


However, today, on the 15th, 15 days after i did not get any call back from the Lenovo Service centre, I called them and to my shock, they tell me that the part is not available with them and it has been called for, and the part will arrive on 12th of August 2013!!!! which is a whole Month and half time!. 


The service centre co-ordinator in Mumbai, Santacruz (E), Mr. Sandesh, having contact number 08xxxxxxxxx, clearly expressed his inability to explain why it takes almost 45days for a battery to come from anywhere in the world to India. He adviced me to call the toll free number as they would have the complete information on this. As expected, Mr. Kumar, who i spoke to on the toll free number 180030005366 also was handicapped and said 'the part will come by 12th Aug since we have a shortage, but we dont know where the part comes from'.


Now, if I find out after the replacement that the problem still persists, I am going to be told that my warranty period has expired and i will have to pay for it.


Who is responsible for the 45 days that the Tab is kept under warrany with them?

From which part of the world does Lenovo call for its parts that it takes 45 days!!!?

Why dosent Lenovo replace the gadget when they are in such shortage of parts... like Apple does?... 

Why are customer care executives on the toll free number and service centres so incompetent and careless towards their part of the job?



Let me see if i find any answers before I slap a legal notice in the next 48 hrs directing them to answer the same questions in the consumer court.




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Re: How do I Complain to lenovo CEO directly? Not satisfied with Lenovo the way they handle customer

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I purchased Lenovo A1000 tablet on 02/09/2013 and registered at same day.

Since, it has been more than a month; I have not received the coupon code for the bundled offer. Further I contacted “The Do Store Redemption Dept. at 022 40174686” on 03/10/2013 and had a conversation with Mr. Gaurav. He told me that the (serial No. HGxxxxxx) of my tablet is not in their list and guided me to complain to,, regarding the same. But still there is no response from them.

Please tell me is it the kind of service Lenovo India render to their customers? Why this lingering on? If company doesn't wish to provide the bundled offer, than why you offer them? I am shocked to see this kind of customer service from a company like Lenovo.


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Lenovo after sales service is very poor

I had bought lenovo laptop around 9-10 months back.


Since then I am facing probem in audio system.


After trying reinstallation of drivers and factory resetting as suggested by your service executive on chat support, things are not improved.


SInce then I am chasing them and no positive reply.


After my post on lenovo page on facebook, I am being contacted by lenovo executie that too on facebook private message.


After  multiple chasers got Service Request:8002340372.


Since then no response, even no reply on facebook private message.


Really... I could not expect such service from a global brand.

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Re: Lenovo after sales service is very poor



Apologies that you have not received support to resolve your ongoing problems despite multiple contacts.


I would recommend you continue to contact technical support, either via chat or phone.  Since you have provided a case number, I will pass that to appropriate teams for follow up.  Thanks for that.


In India, the support numbers are:


India THINK-branded products English, Hindi Toll Free No.
1800-3000-8465 (Reliance)
Toll Free No.
1800-419-4666 (Tata)
9AM - 6PM
Monday - Friday
Except Holidays
IDEA-branded and
B, C, E, G, H, K, N, Q, V, Y Series Products
English and Hindi Toll Free No. 
Toll Free No. 1800-419-7555
Click here for Email support

9AM - 9PM 
Monday - Saturday
Lenovo Smartphone products English and Hindi 0120-242-7164
8AM - 6PM 
Monday - Saturday

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