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Service Request Cancelled?

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Okay, so here's the full story of my X220 Tablet and the situation it's in:


About two weeks ago my ThinkPad's fingerprint reader stopped working. Called the EasyServ people and I had a box the next day. Sent it in and they replaced the fingerprint reader and in addition, the motherboard and the bottom chassis. When I received the machine the palm rest was loose, a part of my keyboard bezel had been broken, there were some scratches on my screen and they installed the wrong processor in my machine (I had an i7 originally and when it came back it had an i5). So I quickly called the "unsatisfied customer" number and they had a box sent to me again. So, last week I sent it in again and hoped they'd get it all sorted out within a week. During this time the IBM EasyServ website was down so I called in to check on the status, they said my machine was on hold for customer information because they said that the damage to the screen was not covered by warranty (even though the service depot damaged it). They called back and gave me three options: Send the machine back to me (more on this in a bit), Charge me with the repairs for damage I didn't do or Escalate the case (which I was told would take another week).


Now, I am a college student and I need my laptop ASAP to take notes and do projects... my HP tx2z is past its lifespan, the reason why I bought the X220T in the first place. So I opted to have the machine sent back to me. I looked again on the IBM EasyServ status website and it says that "The service request has been canceled"


Is there anyone who could help me get sorted out on what part of my service request had been cancelled? I hope they will send me my machine back with the correct processor and the keyboard bezel and palmrest pieces fixed. I can provide more details (Service number etc whenever I get a reply)


Thanks everyone



X220 Tablet Multitouch: Intel Core i7 2640m, 8GB RAM, 80GB Intel 310 Series mSata + 320GB 7200rpm 2.5", Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 AGN, Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0, Fingerprint Reader, 720P Webcam, Battery 6-cell 52+ and 6-cell slice 19+