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Registered: ‎02-29-2008
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Why has stereo Mix been disabled on thinkpads & when do we get a formal response

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As evidenced in previous threads here and around the internet, recording via stereo mix has been removed from most new Thinkpads, at present the x6x/t6x series, that i am aware of. Threads have been started, users have tried to take the matter into their own hands trying to hack the drivers, and Lenovo has not responded at all, People have tried to contact tech support about the matter & they are equally clueless.

Could we get an official response on the matter, and if there is an expectation that the feature will be re-enabled in subsequent drivers, as happened with Dell & the Sigmatel 92xx drivers?

An easy solution for some is an additional soundcard, which i think is ridiculous considering the amount of money spent on these machines, but for some machines that isn't even a viable solution, the pcmcia controller on some t6x & x6x models are incompatible with popular pcmcia soundcards and users have reported that usb solutions don't work either.

I've also tried software solutions like Virtual Audio Cable & Total Recorder and they are not acceptable solutons for me, simply b/c they don't work.

I think i can safely say on behalf of the other users with the problem, that we'd like an official response.

Some Lenovo Specific Threads pertaining to the issue:

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