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Three Lenovo B520 Problems

Hello!  While using my B520, I have encountered these problems:


      -Every few days, my screen will suddenly turn blotchy and green or red.  It flashes very fast and I am unable to do anything on the computer.  In order to stop it, I have to force the computer off and restart it  (although one time it quickly reverted back to performing well).  This has only occured whilst watching a youtube video, but not nearly every time.  For the grand majority of the time videos play with no problems.


      -My webcam light is always on.  From the moment I turn my computer on to the moment I turn it off.


      -My speakers have lost nearly all of the volume they had after unpacking it.  I do not play music loud, nor have I changed the internal settings of the computer.  I've had two models of this computer now and they both encountered the same problem: nice, loud speakers at first that quickly became quiet after a week or two, even at full settings.


My drivers are up to date and scans tell me that my computer is clean.  If anyone has any helpful information I would be very appreciative. 

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Re: Three Lenovo B520 Problems



I’ve had my B520 for about three weeks now and I had the same issues you are now describ