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What's DOS?
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S10-3t On-screen Keypad Not Displaying

My on-screen keypad has vanished. I know there must be a control somewhere to get it back but I cannot find it. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Re: S10-3t On-screen Keypad Not Displaying


control panel --> all control panel items --> tablet pc settings -->tablet pc input options--> go to input panel settings-->

options -->opening

look if there a hook in the settings

input panel icons and tab

V  tab the input


choose where to show the input panel icons and tab


V For Touch input, show icon next to the text box


V Use the input panel tab


V Show input panel sliding open from the tab


dont forget if you have to change  to click on the apply button


hope that help you :smileyhappy:


sincerely KalvinKlein




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