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What's DOS?
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Does Intel My WiFi work on Z370?

I have seen intels hype about My WiFi and it seems genuinely useful. So I thought I would try it out.


My Levono is a Z370 with an i3-2310M processor. So far, so good.


However, the machine appears to have a Broadcom 802.11n Network Adaptor... which intel doesn't list as compatible with My WiFi technology.


Does this mean I can't use My WiFi because it isn't an intel adaptor?


If so:

What part does the CPU play in the whole My WiFi process?

Why isn't it just function of the wireless adaptor?

And why didn't Levono use an intel wireless card so that my machine could make use of such an obviously useful feature?


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Re: Does Intel My WiFi work on Z370?

What's DOS?
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Re: Does Intel My WiFi work on Z370?

Turn on the PC, giving F2 several times, then F9 and F10 ends. Problem solved for me.