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Re: Y570 - Why do games run better off my battery and choppy when its plugged in?

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Hmm, ok. Though I just uninstalled the power management and set it to 99%, though I still notice that around 70~77 degrees celcius for the GPU, the turbo boost starts to make the GPU load go from max load to minimum load for a few seconds.


Edit: Though this is very stupid, after the spazzing of the GPU load, turbo boost stops after 77 celcius and stays at a constant 2.00GHz..



showing that @around 75 celcius it messes up & This is with the energy management reinstalled with the "fix" that was suggested and with it set at 99%


Also, dont respond with answers that have already been used and didn't work as this is getting more than annoying to us consumers


Just to note again, that my ideapad y570 is model 08622KU which was out of stock on multiple websites shortly after I purchased it, hmm I wonder why..


Please come up with a fix that repairs the actual turbo boost part of this laptop whenever it reaches the 70 degree celcius range.


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