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My ancient Thinkpad 390E doesn't recognise its CD-ROM drive

I have an old 390E still running Windows 98 and with a miserly 128Mb memory.  Rather than bin it, I'd like to get it working, so I can at least give it away.


Unfortunately it has developed a number of glitches.  I bought a 390E recovery disk in the hope of resetting everything to original settings.  However the laptop has stopped recognising its CD drive.  Disks inserted into the drive do not autorun, and using START > RUN doesn't work either.  It doesn't recognise D:\.  There is no evidence of the existence of a CD drive in MY COMPUTER, and it doesn't appear in the list of devices in Windows.


I may well have deleted some vital file in my attempts to get it working properly.


Does anyone have any ideas how I might get over this problem?


Many thanks.