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Registered: ‎12-10-2011
Location: Iran

G460 does Not Wake after Sleep

[ Edited ]

I have a G460 with win 7 ultimate installed, whenever it goes to sleep mode I can't wake it and the only thing I can do is to hold power button to turn the device off and then turn it on again.


I did read every single thread related to this issue in this forum, and I did following things which does not solve my problem


1- I installed latest Bios firmware (V. 32)

2-I Installed latest graphic driver (285.62)

3- I disabled every "Allow the computer to turn off this devise to save power" in device manager, one-by-one to test which one will solve the problem, but no luck

4- I tried to reset Hibernate config using Powercfg -h off / on command line

5- I did downgrade BIOS firmware to v.25 but it didn't solve the problem



I did run powercfg -energy and did see the following error which I think is the main reason to what's happening to my device:

"Platform Power Management Capabilities:ACPI_PSD Failed Validation" in three different Index from 0 to 3 !! I couldn't find a way to deal with this.


I don't know any other way, is there anything remained to test ?


EDIT: I forgot to say I did re-installed Lenovo Power Management, But it doesn't helped me either.