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Paper Tape
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Re: No Bluetooth control in Fn+F5 Menu

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Have all the time same Prob - No Bluetooth via Fn+F5


Dont know if my tip was already said - but here it is:


1.) Install the regular BT Driver from Lenovo

2.) Then (over-) Install BT Driver Widcomm (without unistalling the LenovoDriver)


This will update your Bluetooth and now you can TURN OFF Bluetooth with Right-Klick on Bluetooth Icon in Tray (also Turn on again of course)


Search for "BTW_5.1.0.4200" via google..... Dont know if its OK to post Links here so search for yourself...


Happy TurnOff/TurnOn-ing :-)

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What's DOS?
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Re: No Bluetooth control in Fn+F5 Menu


I'm sorry I'm french so it may be a bit difficult to understand what I'm gonna say

I don't know if this has something to do with your problem but I've also been searching for a way to deactivate bluetooth on my lenovo N500 and this is how how did it

I just went into the vista device manager and deactivated all that devices that went with the bluetooth radio

I don't really know if this is what you were searching for but this how I deactivate it and I simply reactivate it again when I need it

Paper Tape
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No Bluetooth control in Fn+F5 Menu

This is just crap.

I guess this thread has become obsolete.


A nice piece of service Lenovo! Thank you!






Paper Tape
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Re: No Bluetooth control in Fn+F5 Menu

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I agree Freespacer. In fact crap isn't the word I would have used!


Would expect by now that anyone (like me) with the problem will have got round it by uninstalling bluetooth altogether and just using it when needed. Pretty damned poor in my opinion.


Come on Lenovo, give the issue some sort of attention and show you care at least a little about your customers.

What's DOS?
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Re: No Bluetooth control in Fn+F5 Menu

Ok, I installed the driver and it works well and I can switch it on/off using Fn-F5.

But there I see an option where I can set it to directly toggle between on/off instead of showing up the colorful window. I select the second optoin, Ok and close, but next time when I press Fn-F5 again I see the same window and the selection rolled back on its own.


Any clues? or am I understanding it wrong?


Basically, I am looking for a keyboard shortcut to toggle between on/off instead of having to open this window, click On and close.


Laptop model - T420


Thanks in advance!