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IdeaPad Tablet Sound Enhancement Thread

Hi all

I am still quite new to Android, therefore I have not tried much apps.


Now using a K1, the sound was alright, but can be better. I am currently using an app called Equalizer .


I am current using a custom presets for the tablet built-in speakers:

60Hz - +8.0

230Hz - +11.0

910Hz - +15.0

3KHz - +7.0

14KHz - +11.0


This settings increase the overall volume without too much distortion. I did not purchase the software, I just open the software everytime i turn on the tablet and let it run in background. Please post if you have any better EQ apps, presets or others to share. :smileyhappy:

Have a nice day! :smileytongue::smileyhappy::smileyvery-happy:

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Re: IdeaPad Tablet Sound Enhancement Thread

Thanks for the tip. I installed this on my A1 and it's worked wonders for listening to my podcasts and movies.

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Re: IdeaPad Tablet Sound Enhancement Thread

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Re: IdeaPad Tablet Sound Enhancement Thread

I see, best for both worlds.

Thanks for the find. Maybe I can hear the movies now. lol
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