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Re: Lenovo G550 Hot touchpad.

Your fine. It just feels real hot to our sensitive fingertips.
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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo G550 Hot touchpad.

oh..thnx sir...u made tension dissapear....sir i have one more question..actually it,s not related to the hotness.....its somethin related to the performence..sir i have been noticing since a day long that ma laptop sometimes hang..and even after pressin the touchpad buttons and even the keyboard buttons it does,nt gets normal..but all of a sudden it get,s ok....and this thing is reallly tensionizing me.....

i just wanna ask if this is some problem with ma lappy (laptop) or the operating system i.e. windows 7 ultimate...??


plz....sir u jsut help me through this...and i swer i won,t ever trouble u with ma questions...plz..sir i need  ur help


thanking you

ur,s affectiaonately,

akeel khan

Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo G550 Hot touchpad.

chillax man  :smileyvery-happy:   This is a forum, a place where people can bring their

needs to and ask for solutions.  I think your hard drive might be really fragmented,

(data is all over the place) that is why sometimes it hangs.


Go to start -> in the box type in disk defragmenter -> click on the icon -> 

select C drive -> and then press defragment disk. (btw, turn off screensaver

so that it will run the whole time). After it finishes, shut off your computer and

then turn it back on. Performance should be better.  =]

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo G550 Hot touchpad.

yh, thnx sir....ur help was really helpful to me..and now i don,t have to be afraid of ma lappy, cause the analizatioon said that my laptop is just 4% fragmented with the c disk., so i don,t need to fragment it,s not above 10%.


anyways thnx sir.,:smileyhappy:

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