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What's DOS?
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Re: Problem installing windows XP on IdeaPad G550

Hi folks,

               I have recently installed windows xp on my lenovo g550. I am having problems with shutting down the laptop. The system hangs on Windows is shutting down screen. It happens about half of all shut downs. I haven't been able to detect a pattern in program usage while I'm logged that trigger the freezing. I have noticed however that I don't have power management schemes available to me in my power options there is also no option to enable APM or APCI in the Bios. Is anyone experiencing similar problems?

Paper Tape
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Blue screen error while installing the XP on Lenovo G550

Hi ,

I am using Lenovo G550 laptop with windows 7 OS.

Now I am trying to format winnows 7 and install the XP I change the bios boot options HDD to ODD: Simple DVD,  ODD: Simple DVD to HDD and Inserted the XP CD.. After some time I am getting the blue screen error. Like ***Stop: 0X0000007B (0XF78D2524, 0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000) and it is asking for chkdsk /f

I ran chkdsk /f several times and I didn't find any problem while running the chkdsk.


winnows 7 is loading with out any problem when insert the winnows 7 CD but when I insert the XP I am getting this blue screen error.


Kindly let me know as early as possible how to resolve this and XP get it installed.


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Blue screen error while installing the XP on Lenovo G550

Good day.

Welcome to the community.


One thing to check is the SATA controller mode setting in the BIOS Configuration menu. If it is set to AHCI, try setting it Compatible and then try booting the XP install CD.


Please let us know if this helps.


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Re: Blue screen error while installing the XP on Lenovo G550

That's an option. I agree with sarbin.


Another option is customize your installer and integrate your hard disk controller driver inside Windows XP instalation media. You should use an USB Stick or a DVD-RW.


Best regards.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Blue screen error while installing the XP on Lenovo G550


I purchased this laptop with DOS OS after that I installed the windows 7 now when I try to install the XP I am getting this error.


I am able to see only

1. ODD: Simple DVD 

2. HDD

3. LAN...options in BIOS and  I didn't find (SATA controller mode/AHCI) to set.


I just want to inform you that 32-bit windows 7 OS is currently running on my laptop

Kindly let me know what I need to do in order to

Thanks & Regards,