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Posts: 10
Registered: ‎02-26-2009
Location: Pacific NW

Need help - no luck converting from Vista to XP Pro w/SP2

Hello all,


 I just got this Lenovo 3000 N500 4233 - 52U from Tiger Direct to replace my Acer which has some issues. Vista is useless to me, and my intent was to take Vista Home Basic off of this Lenovo and install Windows XP Pro/SP2. 


I formatted the HD with Partition Magic - wiped it out. Basically starting with no OS.


I set the bios to boot from disk. Installed Win XP Pro. It installed fine (it's what I have on my Acer).


However, when I go into System/Hardware/Device Manager, right below Mice and other pointing devices there is a yellow question mark titled "Other devices":  Listed in that group (and also all marked in yellow) are:

Base system Device

Base System Device

Ethernet Controller

Network Controller

PCI Device

SM Bus Controller

Video Controller

Video Controller (VGA Compatible)


I couldn't get anything to work. To remedy this I dug through the posts on this board and found this one:


I double-checked my bios setup again, re-formatted C (System) drive again, did a clean reinstall again and followed Jossen's instructions step by step, using all the drivers he listed as well.


I still have the same problem. No audio, no video, no LAN, no Ethernet, can't get online, no wireless, no camera. Remember that the HD has been reformatted. There is no legacy left from Lenovo's install of Vista Home.


I did everything in that post, and yet I am back at square one again. Would someone please be kind enough to walk me through this? You would have my eternal gratitude.