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Punch Card
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ExpressCard/54 with IdeaPad 480

So maybe this is a stupid question, but I find that the optical drive is somewhat obsolete, and I NEVER have a need for it...but...on my ThinkPad, I had an expresscard/54 slot and got the mogo mouse and loved it. Would there be any way to get a caddy/coverter to replace the dvd drive to a expresscard/54 slot? I'm only aware of people changing the optical drive into an SSD (which I might do, but I'll probably just instill windows on a msata SDD and not worry about it). Let me know your thoughts, thanks.


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Re: ExpressCard/54 with IdeaPad 480

there is no such thing on the market.

Optical drive and hdd shares the same sort of SATA connection.

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