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Blue Screen Again
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R50P model 183222u - Access Connections hangs when I run PC Doctor

I have an R50P model 183222u running Access Connections version 5.33.  When I run PC Doctor version 5.00.4565.09 with the module that tests the wireless network card, my wireless connection is lost and I am unable to re-establish a connection on both the A and G bands. The test also fails. Even after rebooting I am unable to  re-establish a connection. I can fix the problem only by running a system restore on the registry. Any help with this new issue would be appreciated.

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Re: R50P model 183222u - Access Connections hangs when I run PC Doctor

Try downloading/borrowing a "live" Linux CD and booting from it.

If your wireless card works well there, you have a driver issue within Windows.

If not, time to replace it.

This distro should work "out of the box" on your R50p:

Good luck and keep us posted.



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