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Re: R50e hard drive upgrade.

George , thank you.   I am concerned with copying or cloning my old drive on to the new one.  I'm worried about the partions.  I also when to a site for a transfer program and couldn't find one for lenovo,  do you know of an easy trasfer program? 


 I think the whole problem of not enought  hard drive with  this lenovo machine is the thinkpad partion plus other files being saved.  I can't belive I have no room with almost 30 GB when I have an old xp desktop with less gb and lots of room and almost the same programs and files on it. 


Thank you for your help.    Stan

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Re: R50e hard drive upgrade.

Hi George


Thanks for the link to New Egg for the 250GB drive. My girlfriend has an older R50E and we are looking to increase the disk size. The Newegg site says the drive is PATA not IDE. I'm sorry but I'm rusty on Harddrive terminology these days. Is the hard drive in the R50e PATA or IDE or are they the same?


Sorry for the dum question.


Thanks in advance for the help.



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Re: R50e hard drive upgrade.


Welcome to the forum!



I never clone anything, so let's hope your question is answered by someone who does...



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Re: R50e hard drive upgrade.

Hi George, 


Thanks for the quick reply. I will let you know how the cloning goes (for the benefit of others of course, besides yourself).



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Re: R50e hard drive upgrade.

We have a knowledgebase article which should help you clone the drive.


Cloning Hard Drive Including The Predesktop Area With Acronis



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