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Paper Tape
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Re: Battery Died

Can you guys with long and short battery life check the make of your batteries in Lenovo power manager and battery model number and put it in this thread.



My battery make is a Sanyo. I basically used it a lot. In balanced power saving mode. DVDrom is disabled.

I am using windows 7 64 bit. Installed all the lenovo drivers and software afterwards.


Normally charge to 100% disconnect and then when it is close to 2% I charge again.

I used the laptop every day and put it in suspend when not in use.


Maybe the short battery life is limited yo a  bad battery batches or too sensitive sensor for certain batteries to avoid the 1 battery in the world overheating.


If we put the details of the make and model of the batteries from Power Manager we can at least find the ones that have a reasonable long life..




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Re: Battery Died

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Not sure about the T60 and X100e, but my T400 is a Panasonic 6-cell.

I use my system regularly at school, rarely imparting a high wattage draw on the battery (bad for the cells).


Avoiding full discharges and recharges (that's advice for NiCd and NiMH battieries) helps.

I used to be at 0% wear until two months ago when I charged up to max and fully drained (10 hour flight) my battery, which suddenly pushed wear up to 5% in one go. :smileysad:


My Power Manager settings are set to start charging at 70 and stop charging at 80. I rarely let the battery drop below 10%.

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Lenovo Staff
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Re: Battery Died



You are doing the right thing with your charge thresholds. 80% stop charging will increase the longevity of your battery. What happened on your flight is you hit the battery learning point of your battery software. This is the exact same thing that happens when you perform a battery reset. In between resets, the battery software estimates what the actual battery capacity is. Over time, the software can get out of sync with the actual battery capacity. A full rundown to 6% will synchronize the battery software with the true cell capacity. The software within the battery reports the estimated battery capacity both to Power Manager and the windows battery gauge.


Hope this helps

Punch Card
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Re: Battery Died

I got my first battery with my T61.  I also bought the replacement 42T4619 from Lenovo.  The first lasted 3 years.  This last only about 1 year.


For sure I won't be paying Lenovo $179 for a replacement.  Quite obviously they are not any better than the clones.


Unfortunately it is hard to decide what is a "good clone."

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