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Need help with escalated complaint - seeking return / refund

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Its is a nightmare company.

Bought Lenovo Edge Laptop in December.

Laptop motherboard failed after 2 days.

They tried to repair it twice

Asked me to return the laptop to MKCL Lenovo

Now they are not refunding me money.

Never (I mean never ever ever!!!) buy anything from Lenovo.

Their customer support shamelessly hear the my condition and ignore!!!

Shame on Lenovo!!!

Stephan W and Zuzana L are the customer support people

Case # 00092417

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Help with formal complaint and request for refund



Sorry to hear you are having trouble ... it sounds like you have reached the right department, but there may be some complications.   Let me check into this and see what we can do to get this resolved for you.


Thanks for speaking up!




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Re: Need help with escalated complaint - seeking return / refund

Well, I had various issues with my new T520 and was frustrated for weeks at end with my notebook being out of my hands for about 4 weeks of the 5-6 I had it. Part of that time was in the USA service facility manned by Lenovo US technicians.


Although I was not impressed by the CR rep their handling my escalated case which was mostly customer relations skills, I was extreme please by being contacted by the technician prior to shipping it to the USA from Canada and while he had it called again and just  before shipping it back.


The job performed was done very much to my satisfaction and it has worked well since receiving it back. I can say the that division of Lenovo named SWAT certainly is capable of performing their job correctly and working towards a satisfied customer. Certain engineering decision could not be altered for obvious reasons. But the system will hopefully provide years of reliable service.


Yes, you are in the UK. But somewhere in the world organization are compentent people and workers. It is sad to hear so may instances that are not doing the jobs with the customers requirements in mind and lack of QA control which appears to be one on the big recurring issue. QA of a system prior to return is very bad based on a lot of posters. If they were done many instances would no appear here. This is certainly something that needs to  be addressed by Lenovo and make things right. The customer is always right and exception of what is covered during warranty is all wrong approach for hardware. 100% or look elsewhere. The technology exist for reliable hardware and plastics for at least a decade. its not rocket science.

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Re: Help with formal complaint and request for refund