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T400 Keyboard not responding

So I have a lenovo T400 and I am currently running windows XP on it.  I have had fan issues for quite some time with the machine, but I have invested in third party freeware to monitor the temp as well as an external fan.  Recently, however, my mousepad stopped responding. After rebooting, the mouse worked but the keyboard now will not respond, including the power button etc.  The weird part is that at startup the Thinkvantage button, the F1 key and the volume all work, but once Windows starts to load all buttons, excluding the mousepad, stop responding.  Also, occasionally there is a button stuck, such as the J or CTRL key, which really makes things difficult.  I'm afraid it's a virus, but I figured I'd post here first to see if there is anything else I can try.

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Re: T400 Keyboard not responding

Try a bootable Ubuntu CD. See if the issue replicates there. If not, it's software, in which case your best bet is to reinstall.

Alternatively, use a Kaspersky Rescue Disc and scan the drive for viruses from it (rather than booting into the system).
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