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Paper Tape
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T410 Best Battery Life - How?

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How can I get the best battery life out of my T410


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Re: T410 Best Battery Life - How?

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Keep your drive defragmented and your files well placed. I used to use MyDefrag but have since moved to UltimateDefrag. Both are very good; MyDefrag is scriptable (complicated but highly customizable) and UltimateDefrag presents a sufficient subset of scriptable features in a nice interface.


If you have the discrete GPU, get nTune and underclock the GPU when running on battery power. I think some other third-party tools can also do the trick too.


Watch Resource Monitor's CPU and Disk tab for activity while idling; replace software that consumes significant rogue CPU cycles while idling or randomly pokes at files while idling.


These points will bring the most significant power savings, IMO.



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Re: T410 Best Battery Life - How?

Hi mister_kevin!


By "Life" do you mean battery runtime (hours) or lifespan (years)?


In addition to community member's tips, check this Knowledge Base article:


Hope this helps!

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