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Blue Screen Again
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T410 Crashes randomly ..Overheats after upgrade from 4GB to 8GB RAM memory

T410 64 bit windows 7 professional, i5 cpu was working all good..

Decided to upgrade ram since I have work programs requiring 2-3 gb and computer was getting slow.


Added 2 memory sticks of 4gb each : Corsair CM3X8GSDKIT1066 G...

Configs of memory is compatible with T410 i.e. 1066 mhz and DD3 4gb each..


After adding memory, Windows and BIOS recogized it properly. But within 15 mins to 2-3 hours, laptop crashes all of a sudden without any error message. It just blacks out and shutdown..

Also noticed that the CPU seems to be getting very hot. Downloaded speedfan and that displays cpu temp of 80 deg c.


I have uninstalled all unwanted programs..

Updated all Drivers from Lenovo website...

Ran the windows update..

Ran Lenovo diagnostics..No failure ( even Memory test passed)

Ran memtest and that also passed.


I tried 1 more thing today..In the Boot and Advanced options..(msconfig) .I have set the max memory to 3.8 gb to try out.

I have not seen a crash after that as yet...


Not sure..what to do next to get the max memory or atleast 6-7 gb..

Please advise.

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Re: T410 Crashes randomly ..Overheats after upgrade from 4GB to 8GB RAM memory

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Hello prshah102, welcome to Lenovo forums!


I think the new RAM makes such issues, if it was working fine before.


Uninstalling programs wouldn´t help in this case.


Just try another RAM manufacturer.



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Re: T410 Crashes randomly ..Overheats after upgrade from 4GB to 8GB RAM memory

Boot Windows, go to Resource Monitor's CPU tab. Sort by average CPU utilisation and look for anything taking up CPU.

If nothing is taking up CPU, then the heatsink may be loose or the fan may not be pushing air properly.
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