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T420 - I can no longer use trackpad mouse button

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Hi all. I did something yesterday after pressing a lot of keys by mistake which resulted in this problem. I have the keypad and the trackpoint active, but the left and right buttons are not responding both the buttom and upper ones. Tapping also doesn't work. The middle one used with the trackpoint is working fine though. The trackpoint and touchpad are okay too.


There is a strange thing happening also. When I disable the trackpad, the trackpoint and it's buttons work correctly as if everything is normal. When I disable the trackpoint  but not the trackpoint, I got nothing working.


Can anyone tell me what is going on? Is this a driver issue because I haven't done any updates lately... the only thing that happened is that random key presses...



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Re: T420 - I can no longer use trackpad mouse button

Maybe try a bootable Ubuntu USB drive and see if it's reproducible there?
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Re: T420 - I can no longer use trackpad mouse button

I have a similar problem.  I can move the cursor around, but none of the buttons work for anything.  I've had to plug an external mouse in to do anything.  I've rebooted.  I'm attempted to update drivers.  Checked the control panel to make sure everything was enabled.  Nothing has worked.  The only thing I can say is that I think that this all started after a Windows update went through.  Sorry I don't have anything constructive to add.  Any one else see this happen?