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T30 memory slot problem

I have a refurbished T30 with 256MB of memory in slot 0.  I want to upgrade to 1GB, without using slot 1.  I want to avoid possibly aggravating the slot 1 connection problem.  I've heard that with a BIOS update I can upgrade to 1MB dimms.  I can't find anything specific on this BIOS upgrade.  I've heard that this connection problem is on T30's manufactured before 10/02.  If this is true, how can I verify when my T30 was manufactured, or at least my motherboard?
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Re: T30 memory slot problem

I can't comment on the BIOS update but IBM did issue a "kit" to fix the second slot issue with the T30 - it was basically an insulator kit for the second memory slot.  I'd call Lenovo and ask for one.
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