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T43 - Windows 7 Compatibility?

Has anyone installed Windows on a T43 Thinkpad?  I am not sure it will handle graphics, and it shows that the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200 BG many not be supported/work. Looking for anyone who has tried Windows on older Thinkpads.


Thanks .... James

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Re: T43 - Windows 7 Compatibility?

Everything will run great in W7 if you have a T43 with ATi graphics (model numbers starting in 26xx), including Aero. No issues with 2200BG (or any other card used on T43/p for that fact).

If you have a machine with Intel graphics (model numbers starting in 187x) you will not be able to run Aero, although everything else will work just fine.

I strongly suggest maxing the RAM at 2GB if you're intent on running W7. I've been doing in for quite some time on some of my T43/p units and have been extremely pleased this far.

Good luck.



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