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T61 keyboard issue

I just purchased the T61 a few weeks ago and had the Vista replaced with XP Pro.  Lately, the keyboard would often stop working after standby mode and I had to reboot the unit to make it work again.  Really frustrating.  Is this a hardware problem or a software setting issue? Thanks


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Re: T61 keyboard issue

can you post on this fourm the machine type and the serial number With out this information I can not assistant you without this


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Re: T61 keyboard issue



Posting the model number and the OS helps us help people. However, I strongly advise AGAINST posting serial number of one's machine, since it can be abused, especially if the unit is still under warranty.



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Re: T61 keyboard issue

You could try the Lenovo website support and downloads. Type in your machine type and see if there is a keyboard driver. It worked for me.
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Re: T61 keyboard issue

I met the same problem.

The keyboard and audio card always have problems after I changed the windows Vista to XP. Maybe the problem is you could have installed the driver named "IBM xxx  UltraNav  driver". Uninstall it and check the computer again.