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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad - T60 2008-ZH3 Fan FRU


I am having trouble to find the correct FRU number for the noisy fan of my T60 2008-ZH3 machine as the type number do not appear anywhere in the parts listing.


The specs of my machine are as below :
Based on 2008-CTO: T2400(1.83GHz), 1GB RAM, 40GB 5400rpm HD, 14.1in 1400x1050 LCD, 128MB ATI Radeon X1400, CDRW/DVD, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, Fingerprint reader, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro


Any help will be much appreciated.


Regards,  A.Y.

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Re: ThinkPad - T60 2008-ZH3 Fan FRU

The correct FRUs are 41V9932 and 41W6407


Happy hunting.



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