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What's DOS?
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Re: t61 with Matshta* Multi DVD will crash with some DVDs

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I bought a 42T2506 for my ThinkPad X61s' ultrabase.



FRU P/N: 39T2851 ASM P/N: 42T2506 REV 101


It has problems properly writing, recognizing or show files on 4xspeed DVD+RWs from Imation. Though the media for these discs MBIPG101W04 does not appear to be generally known for wide firmware support it is worth noticing the results of a test I conducted with other Lenovo/IBM drives:


Matsh*ta_DVD_RAM_UJ-852 RB02
ok! (sees files on Imation DVDRW 4x)
FRU 39T2851 / ASM 39T2850 REV 102 JUNE 2008

ok! (sees files on Imation DVDRW 4x)
FRU 39T2679 / ASM 39T2678 REV 101 SEPTEMBER 2006

not ok! (sees Imation DVDRW 4x as empty/blank)
FRU 42T2501 / ASM 42T2500 MARCH 2008


 scsi 1:0:0:0: CD-ROM            MATSH*TA DVD-RAM UJ-822S  1.61 PQ: 0 ANSI: 5
FRU P/N 39T2507 / ASM P/N 39T2570 REV: 201
Model No. JM-822B Z
ok! (sees files on Imation DVDRW 4x)


Of the Matsh*ta based drives even the much older UJ-822S handles disks that the newer UJ-862 can not handle. Also notice that the firmware in the UJ-862 - RB01 would appear to be older than the firmware in the UJ-852 - RB02. However though the firmware version names could indicate a relation or even compatibility I do not think it will be adviceable to see if the RB02 for the UJ-852 could be hacked onto the UJ-862.


Lenovo has a firmware update for the drives

Version: FWDM14
Release Date: 2008/03/06


But it does not include an update for the UJ-862. May we hope there will be a FWDM15 soon?

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What's DOS?
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Re: t61 with Matshta* Multi DVD will crash with some DVDs

I didn't have the same problem, but I did notice the differences between the drive.  One had firmware hacks to allow region-free DVD reading; the other does not.  I orginally had to have my Optiarc (42T2501) replaced due to a faulty tray.  It was covered under warranty, but they sent me the Mat**bleep**a (39T2851).  After reading about the lack of firmware hacks for the Mat**bleep**a, I called the warranty/technical support for a replacement of the original drive.  The 42T2501 was supposedly out-of-stock yesterday, and was on backorder.  This morning, I got an email stating that they had shipped the drive out last night.  Hopefully, it's a non-Mat**bleep**a drive.
Paper Tape
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Re: t61 with Matshta* Multi DVD will crash with some DVDs

Try uninstalling the InCD DLA software. Fixed my troubles installing Visual Studio 2008 instantly.


Seemed a little obvious, but thought it worth trying... Success.