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Registered: ‎03-29-2008

Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

This tablet comes with an assisted GPS; this sort of positioning system may or may not behave as a standalone GPS but it works.  Lenovo documentation is clear on this area: the ThinkPad tablet comes with an assisted GPS; it is better carefully reading specs before buying expensive high-end gear.  I really wish that a future update will make it work as a standard (non-assisted) GPS system when a 3G connection is not available (the GPS is able to see sats once rooted) or, at least, support GPS assistance through WiFi (more common and cheaper than 3G). As a workaround some people here, at the Department of Physics, noted that they have A-GPS tablets that work over 802.11 wireless networking, requiring a network connection but not a 3G one.  Ideally, the A-GPS system on the tablet should work as a standalone one when no network access is possible, but at least it should work over non-3G links too.