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Punch Card
Posts: 56
Registered: ‎02-26-2012
Location: US

Product and Review Observations

I visited the board often before making my purchase. After making a purchase my initial observations are as follows


1.) Physical Keys :  I have not experienced the need the need to "turn off " the hard keys. Also I believe the hard key design was aimed at making the tablet easier to use when holding it in lanscape mode.  I never have an issue with accidentally pressing them nor do I find them hard to depress.  I consider the hard key design a nice feature


2 .) A-GPS:  With WiFi turned on and reasonably near a window I get a fix within a few minutes. Are the complaints on this board based on WiFi and 3G being off?  I am not a GPS expert but a very limited google search on the subject leads me to believe that depending on certain initial conditions and they type of GPS tech used that long acquisition times are possilbe under certain conditions. 


3.) Forced Closes:  Happens rarely. But freezes have happened on the iPAD I have access to.


4.) USB Charging Port.  This is the issue that concerns me most. Having built electronic products I understand that edge connectors are a potential weak spot in any design. I take great care not to place any torque on what I think is a slightly stickly connector. But in a good design I would not have to worry about this. Not sure if this is still a problem or not as I take care to avoid it.


5.) If the Lenovo keyboard did not use the USB port and not provide another I would have gotten it also. Instead I will buy a bluetooth keyboard. This is a design oversight from my vantage point.


6.) Somewhat misleading SW advertising....... The print / virus / security included SW requires additional payments........

I did buy the print app I will seek other apps for the others.


I will likely post more later. But my view of the device is that it is an excellent Business Tablet due to the Pen and UI. In terms of content consumption the iPAD is better ( than any Android ) but the ports , Pen and  memory options make it the best overall tablet on the market.  The transformer with keyboard is attractive but no pen and the extra cost are a concern.


So far so good would be an accurate description of my experience so far..................


This board has been very helpful in helping me to select apps that make the device even more useful.