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D10 problems, CPU and BIOS



Last week I adeed 2 ram modules to my D10-6427, now the Ram settings are 6x2GB quimonda and 2x2GB super talent with same specs, setting as mainboard diagram, I didn´t notice nothing about problems and performance seems to be a little higher, (I really doesn't need more memory, but I like to have the 8 modules).


Recently I get surprise opening the task administrator and see only 4 CPU graphs like 1 Xeon working but the performance seems to be the same or very similar. I have tested some apps, Lenovo ThinkVantage, PC Properties and BIOS only shows 1 CPU.

I removed the modules added to test and boot, the D10 showed a running setup message with the Logo screen and I from that moment I could not start windows 7, or enter the BIOS with or without new RAM modules.


In the booting when shows hardware devices, the SAS HDD aren´t shown, only DVD and SSD.

I have tried to start with a BIOS CD, but the CD doen´t start.

D10 boots, Logo screen, hardware devices, show PXE ctrl+s, and Logo screen again.


I haven´t changed anything since Jan/Feb-2010 and D10 worked fine.

Thank you very much for your help.