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Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-13-2010
Location: USA

Access Connection SMS Menu disappeared!!!!

I have a T61p, a T400 and a T410 and all 3 of them running w7 Access Connections 5.61 and same problem the sms menu does not show up. I managed to solve the problem on my T61 with the Sierra Manager software which can handle the internal WWAN Sierra card, but for the other 2 which have the Ericsson F3507g nothing can be done as the Sony Ericsson Software does not recognize the WWAN Card!!!


Unfortunately my mobile operator requires me to send an SMS prior to connect 3G so I basically need to take he SIM out use a phone send the SMS, and stick it back in the laptop.


Anyone know which version of access connection has sms still working? for W7? where to download?


Lenovo hope you read this forum, getting a lot of people with the same issue...

Thank you