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Paper Tape
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Thinkvantage Toolbox Issue.

I have a W510 running a 64bit  Windows 7.  It's a year old.  I did upgrade the disk drive to a 256GB Crucial SSD in January of this year.


Yesterday when I hit the blue ThinkVantage button, the toolbox came up (as in the past) BUT within a second I had an error message on the screen that said: "License Authentification Failed" on the banner and "This version of Lenovo Thinkvantage Toolbox is not licensed to run on this system." behind the big red X in the box.


I am fairly sure that I had run the toolbox after I upgraded the hard drive to the SSD...   but not 100% sure.


What do I do to fix this?   I tried downloading the Lenovo Solution Center, but it does not list the W510 as supported and it immediately had the machine as out of warranty, when there are two years left on the warranty as both the toolbox and the Lenovo web site show...   I would like to have the toolbox working and fully available.

Lenovo Staff
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Re: Thinkvantage Toolbox Issue.

ThinkVantage toolbox has gone end-of-life and is no longer supported or available for download from Lenovo.  Since LSC is not supported on anything but the latest systems (like W520), unfortunately there isn't any software available like toolbox or LSC for your W510 currently.  None of this is my decision, I am simply giving you information about what the current situation is.

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Re: Thinkvantage Toolbox Issue.