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What's DOS?
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Re: New W510, Updated BIOS - black screen on boot - Warranty?


Did you managed to do something?
I'm in the exact same situation, i have had Windows 7 64-bit, installed extra RAM (from 2GB to 8GB), than i noticed that only 3.06GB is available, reflashed bios (exept for that i flashed v1.19), and the end was the same - after restart initial screen came up, and stayed there, i decided to manually power off, and after that only black screen cames up. :/

So how does your story end, did they repaired your laptop in terms of warranty, or did you have to pay for reparation?

Is there any way to reflash bios without need to send laptop to the service center?
What's DOS?
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Re: New W510, Updated BIOS - black screen on boot - Warranty?

My W510 completely bricked too after updating the BIOS and Lenovo refused to help.   The guy on the line was utterly rude too.


Has anyone has success even if the notebook is out of warranty?  Why even list a BIOS update option if it's broken to begin with.  I see many of this started in 2010 yet Lenovo has yet to pull the BIOS update via web executable.