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Registered: ‎06-30-2011
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Re: RapidBoot with SSD?

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ThorsHammer wrote:

eos wrote:
Im sooo happy I dont have an SSD. They sound like a nightmare.

Seriously?  You have never used a SSD drive in a desktop or notebook computer?

I meant Im sooo happy I dont have an SSD in my W520.

I have an OCZ vertex in my gaming rig, but the compatability issues on the Lenovo scare me white, and the fact that they wear out with frequetly changing files.  The laptop is what I use 10 hours day 7 days a week to earn money.  I cant waste any time trying to fix BSOD, Long sleep wake times (510), having to spend hours changing bios settings, tune rapid boot, update SSD firmwares, and have the HD bricked as I use HW passwords (older crucials).  The only SSD I havent seen issues with the W520 is the relatively slow and expensive Intel 320 series.   I have yet to see a post which says any SSD model works 100% with the W520, and requires no changes, hacks, or tweaks to run.  I hope at some point there will be.  Also, SSDs are not good with small files, databases, rapidly changing files etc.  (i modify hundreds of sorce code files every day, each generates thousands of tiny updated class files. I run 3 linux VMs.  I have Oracle and MySQl running, and the Lighroom Database which gets modified every few seconds when touching up photos.  I recon that would kill an SSD, but I have no way to know or find out (without shelling out about £600 and crossing fingers).