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W520 Docking station not working with exterma DP monitors

It used to work.  Recently, however, if I reboot the thinkpad in the doc, I lose the two DP external monitors.


I.e. the machine boots on internal display, and if I go to windows "screen resolution" I can see the names of the two external monitors greyed out with the wrong resolution.


If I do a WINDOWS-P, then extend to the second one, then make the third the "main display", then disable the internal panel, Im back to where I should be.  If I sleep and wakeup, it keeps the arrangement.  If I dock the notebook while running, it automatically jumps to the correct arrangeement (i.e. internal panel off, two external displays extended).


Its only if I boot when in in the doc it fails, and I ahve to wait for 5 minutes fo tthe machine to boot, then faf about for another minute to get the displays working.  I have never had this problem with Dell laptops in docking stations with external displays.


I dont expect a solution - and I accept im probably the only person who gets this error.


The machine cant reboot (I can only shutdown and cold boot) since I enabled password protection for the HD in the bios, so I cant test that.

W520, i7-2720QM, Quadro 2000M, 16GB 1333, 1080p panel, msata M4 256GB, Crucial M4 512GB SSD, Scorpio Black 750GB. Bios 1.38 Power Manager 6.64.1. Dell U3011 & 3007 wfp. Minidoc 3, 9&6 cell batteries. Problems: 1) 2h battery life. 2) DVDs unreadable after burning 3) two finger scrolling on trackpad is unusable. 4) mic is unusable for Skype 5) speakers are unusably quiet for films 6) battery drains by 10%/day when shutdown.
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Re: W520 Docking station not working with exterma DP monitors

With Optimus enabled, the W520 and other Optimus machines lose their brains on a restart.  This is present in the T420 and the T420S, too.


I have just gotten used to doing shutdowns.