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W520 Issue Poll on Notebook Review

FYI, a W520 Issue poll has started on

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Re: W520 Issue Poll on Notebook Review

BrendaEM wrote:

FYI, a W520 Issue poll has started on

And it wasn't sent to every ThinkPad W520 owner.  So it doesn't include a vast swath of machines.  Keep that in mind.

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Re: W520 Issue Poll on Notebook Review

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So, how many individual users of W520 do you believe exist? I've NEVER received any inquiry as to my satisfaction with my system. I suspect that noone gets this except corporate users.

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Re: W520 Issue Poll on Notebook Review

like any poll on the internet, it reaches a limited audience and doesn't necessarily reflect an overall consensus.   those who have issues are more likely to be on a forum and therefore more likely to vote—especially negatively.   those who are happy are likely too busy using their systems to be on a forum or vote in a poll.


sadly, those who are actually happy with their W520 are being argued with and told that they're mistaken for being happy.   that seems rather counterproductive.


if you are having specific issues with your W520, it would be best to start a thread about it or join the discussion on an existing thread.   while a poll can be helpful in some circumstances, it doesn't work toward exposing or resolving issues.



since we'd prefer to see issues expounded in individual threads, this one will be closed.


thanks for understanding.

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Call for your opinion on W520

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Dear W520 users,


There is an opinion poll about the W520 on the notebook review forum about W520


So far, only a handful users have voted. In order to make that poll more informative and objective, more user opinions are needed. Please provide your opinion in that poll, regardless you have had good or bad experience with your W520. Thanks!


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