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How to create "Factory Default Recovery Disc" with OneKey Recovery

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Started ‎09-14-2010 by
Modified ‎05-21-2013 by

How to create "Factory Default Recovery Disc" with OneKey Recovery

This article provides guidance on how to create factory recovery DVDs on Lenovo essential and Idea model systems using the One Key Recovery software and runing Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.


One Key Recovery is not supported under Windows 8.   Windows 8 does not support using DVDs to create recovery media and uses USB keys instead.  Please refer to this KB article for details on this process in Windows 8.



Make sure you have Onekey Recovery software. The desktop icon should look like this.



Machines preloaded with Operating Systems should already have it installed otherwise it is impossible to create factory default recovery disc.


  1. Start OneKey Recovery.
  2. Click "Create Recovery Disc" at the main page.
  3. To select a recovery disc type, please choose "Factory default recovery disc" .
  4. Select the drive location where your empty discs will be used to create recovery discs. 

    If you use CD, you'll need 17 CDs
    If you use DVD, you'll need only 3 DVDs.


  5. The recovery disc creation process will start. You'll be prompted to insert blank discs whenever one disc has completed burning.

    (a) Do not turn off power during the disc creation process or the task will not complete.
    (b) You're not recommended to use the computer during disc creation.
    (c) Duration of process depends on size of the backup file and speed of optical disk drive.

  6. After all required discs completed burning, the whole proess is done.


There is a video about the steps mentioned here. Please watch this video.

by cxzwang on ‎04-18-2014 03:27 PM

I ran into an odd issue with this and would like to see if anyone had similar experience:

I bought my G570 two years ago with Window 7 installed, and created factory recovery disks (a set of 3) and put them away.

The harddrive crashed this week, so I installed a new hard drive and then put in the recovery disk.  To my surprise, the computer now has an incomplete version of Window XP installed there.

Call to support was not helpful as they all think I am crazy.  I suspect in the rush to get window7 computer out to stores for the Christmas season the factory just installed a running copy of window7, but the backup partition still had window XP there.

The support wanted to sell me the service plans, and I am obviously not happy.

by tani on ‎06-05-2014 06:53 AM

Recovery Media Process Canceled on Thinkpad E531. I decided to some housecleaning and maintenance but made the mistake of using CDs instead of DVDs to create recovery data. The Boot Media Recovery Disc completed with no problem. After using up 26 discs for data recovery, the time to burn was becoming shorter but I the process was still not finished. I ran out of discs after number 28 and inserted another type of CD. An error message came up that this was an incorrect disc. I retried with other discs. After 3 attempts, the process was automatically canceled. I have read that I can only run the recovery once. What to do?