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How to nominate discussions and leave comments

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Started ‎05-11-2010 by
Modified ‎09-12-2012 by

How to nominate discussions and leave comments

Nominating discussions to the KB


While all discussions marked as accepted solutions are automatically nomindated to the KB associated with the forum discussion board where the solution originated, there may be other valuable forum discussions which could become great KB articles ...


Members who have moved up a few ranks will find the "nominate to knowledgebase" option on the thread / topic pull down menu.  Simply select this option and the confirmation message should display - after that, the option disapears and no other member may nominate the topic.  (It only needs to be done once)





Appending comments


All members in the Lenovo community can leave comments on articles.  This is a great way to help keep all the doccuments up to date, as the publisher or editors of the article return and incorporate the comment feedback into the article.


Each doccument has a blue comment link in the bottom left corner.  If you are logged into the community and want to leave a comment, just click the link to launch the editor.  Post your comment when ready.  The hide comment feature activates once comments are in view.



by mjvande on ‎11-28-2013 07:14 PM

How do I post a question on another topic?


How do I interrupt the boot? The screen says to hit the ThinkVantage button, but it seems to do nothing.


If I can interrupt the boot, what will I be able to do there?


Can I increase the amount of time the ThinkVantage message stays on the screen?

by mjvande on ‎11-28-2013 07:15 PM

P.S. Where is all that documented? I couldn't find it.

by nicknaz on ‎04-13-2014 09:12 AM

Since purchasing my G500 Laptop, six months ago or so, there have been two major crashes that erased most of my drive and forced me to reload Windows 8 on the first occasion and attempt to SYS RES on the 2nd one.  In both cases, my calls to Lenovo went unanswered and they immediately wanted to charge moe for software "issues" and blamed on Microsoft.  I contacted MS for assistance and they searched what caused the crashes from the installation or failure to install Windows 8.1 upgrade.


After searching for weeks and to the top echelon. I received a call from MS to re-install from scratch and then install the Windows 8.1 update at the same time.I did not have much installed on the laptop and never gave a backup a consideration.  After, I wish I had back up emails, programs and the document folders to make it easier to reinstall.  A few hours later, the installtion of Windowd 8.1 was complete and lfet me speding several day reinstalling the missing items above.


Microsoft advised me there was nothing indicating the failure was a fult in the software but waived any fees. Then, the other day, I was greetd with the announcement that 18 updates were waiting to be installed on my machine. I downloaded the updates and waited for them to install.  While I worked for an hour, nothing was out f the norm, but immediately after the reboot, my screen froze and went black.  From my past experince, I had a USB jump drive ready to restart Windows 8.1 but when it rebooted. all my programs and files were missing.  I took reasonable and prudent measures to run various checks on system resources and proceeded with care. AGAIN, all programs were lost and files were missing.  I ran system restore to try to get it all back but there were no backups on the system showing excpt for that morning,  I have spent a week recovering from this last fiasco and if Lenovo does not step up to the plate and explain what is going on, I will have to dump the G500 and go back to another band that I have worked with trouble free for many years.  What is causing these failures and what are you looking at as a solution?  This is not a good business expeience and if not responded to in a prompt fashion, then I will assume you don't want to work with small business and we will move on.