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OneKey Backup Issue

I used OneKey to back up my C: drive, but instead of backing them up to the D: drive I saved them to an external hard drive. Unfortunately OneKey creates image files that aren't recognized by the computer very well. Does anyone know how I might be able to to retrieve my back up files? When I attempt to 'restore to user backup' (using OneKey) it tells me I've chosen an invalid image file.

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Re: OneKey Backup Issue


Welcome to Lenovo Community 


You can create backup on external media or dive also and will be able to restore it .


May be the issue is that your trying to  backup   more than 100GB and your OKR system is not update .


Please update the OKR


How to backup using OKR


Hope This Helps


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Re: OneKey Backup Issue

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Hello , 


When you back up  backup.wsi image is created. It means you take photo (image) of  OS and C drive only. Shutdown computer  and press One Key Recovery button  and you will see 3 option comes , choose the middle one and then you will see 2 options.Restore intial back up and the second option restore from users backup. Select the second option and then locate backup.wsi and  start recovery. Important : The back up you have created will return backed up state of your windows. 

Before doing steps , you should back up your personal data photos documents etc if they are on C Drive.   if you dont have external storage device. Please copy them to D drive. 


For example:


When you back up on monday and system image taken like photograpy and backup.wsi created. You can return that image using OKR today. However if you do that you will return to monday status. However ,  the files you created after monday back up which are on C driver will be erased and  Notebook will return to monday status. If you select the first option restore intial back up , in this case you will return factory default. 


You can also locate your backup.wsi to D drive and return back to status using method above.







Let me know if there is something not clear. Thanks


What's DOS?
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Re: OneKey Backup Issue

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I have created backup.wsi on external hard drive. OKR saying it is not valid image. I have backed up around 250GB.

I have OKR 7.0.1628. Pls suggestt if I upgrade to any version, will I be able to restore system.

What's DOS?
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Re: OneKey Backup Issue

do you solve ur problem??