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B520 Windows 8 Multitouch

I bought a Lenovo B520 All In One in the hope of installing Windows 8. I managed to install Win 8 on both Hyper V and VirtualBox and realized the multitouch doesnt seem to work. Do I need to install any special drivers for multitouch? The only thing that works right now is the mouse pointing which simulates the left click.


Multitouch does work on the base OS (Win 7) the machine came with. Any ideas?

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Re: B520 Windows 8 Multitouch

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Windows 8 is still Alpha quality code,the Beta will arrive very soon,I suggest you wait and try once it comes out :smileywink:


Have you tried to use the inbuilt update mechanism to search for drivers?

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Re: B520 Windows 8 Multitouch

I think you might have to do some tricks to get it to pass through the touchscreen device.
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