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Paper Tape
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎10-29-2008
Location: Ontario, Canada

Re: X61 Tablet Wireless Turns Off/Crashes on Screen Rotation

Wow, I'm terribly sorry to hear that. It sounds like much more than just driver issues. Not even sure where to begin with your huge host of problems. Sounds like you possibly have a virus or something running rampant in your system. Else maybe some software that is causing conflict.


If you are using an older version of access connection I know one of them has a memory leak that caused it to continually to allocate memory. And it's possible that windows was noticing this behaviour and is terminating the process. Try making sure you have the latest version of Access Connection installed.


As for wireless, I'm currently using Lenovo's latest Access Connection Manager (Version: 5.02 Build: 7VCV55WW) and Intel's latest driver for for the Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN. Driver Version, Date: 28/08.2008. This wireless driver is currently not available from Lenovo, but I found is the only one that works without any problems. This combination is stable on my system, and works flawlessly. When I dock my computer, Access Connection disables the wireless, and connects via Ethernet to my home network, and when I undock to move about my house, it enables wireless and connects again without any prompts. I can also change my screen orientation with no issues. One caveat, I currently have the Sierra Wireless 1xEVDO device disabled via the Device Manager, because I don't currently use it, and want to avoid any unnecessary pop-ups associated with this device trying to connect when no other connection are available, and also for power savings.


As for losing power during hibernate mode. I don't see this as being an issue. As far as I know, hibernate mode doesn't require any power. This is the mode I use to switch batteries without losing my current desktop. So I have no idea what you are on about. Loosing power under sleep mode WILL however cause you to lose your current desktop, and your computer will start with a warning that it was not properly shut down.


Bad boot and shut down times, are typical of Vista running too many unnecessary processes, and can be fixed with proper OS maintainance and sufficient system memory. Putting your computer back in it's case without verifying that it's shut down was perhaps a bit naive on your part. It's possible that the hard drive protection noticed that your computer was moving and stopped itself. This would stop your operating system from being able to shut down and thus overheating in the confines of your bag. 


At this point in time I see no reason to switch to Mac, they have many problems of their own, and Lenovo produces a world class product in my opinion. I've been using mine for over a month now, and while Vista had issues that I needed to overcome, I'm completely satisfied with my system, and am actually a little astonished at how well everything works. Try browsing the forums a bit more to see if you can resolve your issues, and perhaps calling tech support. IBM is renowned for offering great tech support, and I'm confident that with a little time and patients you can overcome the issues on your system.