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Paper Tape
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Fan Oddities



I've been getting weird patterns with my fan.  First off, it's started to make a sort of purring sound every now and then, usually when it's running a bit louder than usual.  The strange thing though is the way it is tied to the power supply.


I have my comp plugged in, the fan starts to run really loudly.  I unplug the computer and the fan immediately dies down.  One minute later, the fan gets loud again.  I plug my computer in, and the fan immediately dies down.  One minute later, it gets loud.

It keeps going like this.  I wonder if there may be any problem with the fan.



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Re: Fan Oddities

what model of the X series are we talking about here?


This sounds like your fan is reaching the end of its service life. Do you have warranty still?


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Serial Port
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Re: Fan Oddities