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Re: Faint Ghosting on X220 IPS screen

Hello, I received mine today, with the core i5 and an IPS display and as much as I hoped and didn’t want to believe all the stuff mentioned in the forums, I too seam to have the noisy fan (with the high pitched noise) and the IPS ghosting..



i was thinking could it be due to a heat issue?

Most IPS displays are powered by CFFL lights which generally give off a little heat and so keep the pannel warm (making it faster to react?)  where as this is LED and has no heat being given off? (making it slower?)


i have a dell u3011 which is also an LG ips and it is warm to touch with the CCFL lighting..


I’m based in the UK if that makes any difference.


So I guess the hard part now is to decide if its going back or not..


on a side note, has everyone here logged a problem with support or have are you just reading here waiting for an answer?