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Hang Before Post

ThinkPad x201 8GB RAM 500GB HD Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Occassional, when I poser on the machine I will get the initial gray screen and the system just hangs. Usually, I can get around it by pressing the power button. Recently, this did not work. The system just sat there with a gray screen -- brighter at the bottom and getting darker toward the top. No matter what I tried I could not get it to shut off the screen or to start the post sequency. Finally, I pulled the battery and then put it back and was able to start the machine. Is there any type of reset button somewhere (like a desktop has) that would allow me to reset the machine without pulling the battery? Why does it occassionally hang like this? Any suggestions/information would be appreciated.
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Re: Hang Before Post

If you have a warranty, call support. Probably, something is failing in the POST. If you have no warranty, I would run a diagnostic on the hard drive and the memory. I would reseat both.