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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎02-09-2008
Location: italy

Re: X61 Speedstep and Fan problems

Hi !
I have the same problem with fun . It is very noisy . Have you solved the problem ?
What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎10-16-2008
Location: Poland

Re: X61 Speedstep and Fan problems

Try some BIOS Options - Config/Power. If you disable SpeedStep, clock is about 1100 mhz.

My settings are:

- Mode for AC - Automatic

- Modef for Battery - Battery Optimized 

- Scheme for AC && for Battery - both Balanced


This could not get so much better, but it`s worth trying.



What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎10-24-2009
Location: México

Re: X61 Speedstep and Fan problems

Problem Solved. It is a mecanical problem in the fan.

The noise is caused by a vibration in the electrical contacts in the top of the fan. As soon as I pushed the three electrical cables that are connected to the fan, noise stoped. A qualified technician is required for the procedure.


ThinkPad X61 Hardware Maintenance Manual will give detail on how to remove the keyboard.